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Constance Williams, MSOT/S

Skill Competencies

Professional Goals and Objectives
Skill Competencies
Role Competencies
Continuing Education
Community Service
Organizational Memberships

Assessment Skills
I have been introduced to the following assessments and occupational measures:

Occupational Profile/Activity Analysis Assessments

Pediatric Assessments

Motor Assessments

Cognitive Assessments

Work Assessments

Sensory/Vision Assessments

Home/Environmental Assessments

Older Adult Assessments

Intervention Skills
From my current coursework, I have learned the
following intervention skills of assessment:
  • Goniometry with AROM and PROM
  • Manual Muscle Testing
  • Biomechanical Activity Analysis
  • Specific Manual Muscle Testing
  • Vital Signs Measurments
  • Grip and Pinch Strength Testing
  • Posture and Gait Screening
  • Pain and Sensation Assessments
  • Splinting (wrist cock-up splint, resting hand splint)
  • Physical Agents/Modalities (paraffin, moist hot packs, cold packs)

Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • E-mailing
  • Efficient Keyboarding Skills
  • Use of Research Databases (Ovid, Pubmed, Cochrane)
  • SPSS for Windows

Management, Research, and Program Planning Skills
  • Currently gathering research data in an Applied Clinical Research course for a pilot study that is assessing the association of glaucoma with visual function and quality of life
    • My current research project focuses on the association between avoidance and cessation of driving in individuals with glaucoma and quality of life.
    • Throughout this course, I will be writing a literature review, method section, data analysis, results, and discussion of research findings
    • Presented research on the "Relationship of Glaucoma Severity and Driving Behavior" based on results from the Association of Glaucoma with Paricitpation, Function, and Qualtiy of Life Research Study


  • OT 5092 Organization and Management
    • Involved in a collaborative program development project for the develpment of a skills training program for community support workers at Barnes-Jewish Care Behavioral Health. Through this project, the group member and I are were exposed to the basic principles of the business aspect of service delivery.
    • Introduced to evidence-based management through exposure to working managers:
      • Provided research evidence to Barnes-Jewish Extended Care Rehabiliation manager on how to effectively facilitate the discharge process


  • OT 5264 Community Health and Occupational Therapy:
    • Developed a skills training program for case management teams at Barnes-Jewish Care Behavioral Health
      • Experience with performing a needs assessment through meetings with administrative staff and case management teams at two sites