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Constance Williams, MSOT/S


Professional Goals and Objectives
Skill Competencies
Role Competencies
Continuing Education
Community Service
Organizational Memberships

As a student in this occupational therapy program, I have been able to present the following presentation to faculty and students at Washington University School of Medicine:
  • OT 574A:  Applied Clinical Research III: Productive Aging
    • Master's Presentation April 17, 2008: 
      •  "Relationship of Glaucoma Severity and Driving Behaviors", based on research results from the Association of Glaucoma with Function, Participation, and Quality of Life Research Study


  • OT 577D Application of Neuroscience Principles to OT
    • Informative Presentation on the Motor Free Visual Perception Test, the Short Orientation Memory Concentration Test (Short Blessed), and the Mini-Mental State Examination (Spring 2007)


  • OT 5682 Evaluation Tools and Process for Measuring Occupational Performance
    • Informative presentation on the Adaptive Behavior Scale for School, 2nd Edition assessment for children ages 3-21 (Fall 2006)


  • OT 5022 Theory and Foundations for Occupational Therapy Practice
    •  Issue presentation on The Physiology and Impact of Stress, focusing specifically on stress in the workplace and the involvement of occupational therapists (Fall 2006)